All facets of retailing in B2C & B2B are impacted by immense changes. And changes are going fast. These development are confronting and challenging, hence offer huge opportunity to reinvent the role of retailers. Is your business strategically agile? Do you earn the love of your customers based on shared values, differentiated shopping experience and consistent strategy? Wouter Schoneveld analyses, creates, inspires and implements distinctive ideas based on a strategic approach into meaningful business success.



The fast changing social, financial and technology landscape continues influencing business models over the next decade. Industries disrupt. Change is timeless. Organizations must adapt change continuously, more quickly than ever before and with increasing impact. Darwin already stated: It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Is your company strategically agile and able to adapt the changes in the retail landscape quickly enough to make the (ongoing) transition to the digital world?


Retail is theatre.

Consumer behavior, ‘zeitgeist’ and heritage of your business are leading components for business (re)positioning and strategy and reasoning behind your creative concept, the retail theatre. Retail theatrics hold the key to capturing shoppers’ attention, engaging in productive, informative and entertaining interactions, and delivering a differentiated (omni channel) shopper experience. How do you earn the love of your customers?


Shopper smile.

Understanding the consumer motives and deep insight in the consumer journey is key to create seamless consumer experiences. Hence, what was once so simple is now infinitely splintered. Shopping is everywhere. While shoppers have clearly evolved their behaviors, retailers are failing to keep pace. There is a significant expectation gap between what shoppers want from their shopping experiences, and what they are experiencing in reality. Realize a smile by keeping it simple for the consumer, while experiences touch new, fun, engaging, connecting shopping interactions which go far beyond buying. Have you seen a smile already?


Connected world.

We are all connected, worldwide. Consumers are heavily invested in (social) networks. Mobile is the majority and will also be the preferred screen for shopping. Their connectivity have given a new level of empowerment to shoppers. Consumers realize they are able to access retail worldwide, that choices are almost unlimited. Retailers are challenged to really engage consumers in all of their possible roles and transact in culture/identity, experiences and relationships. What is your positioning and connection with consumers through shared values, honest conversation and severe valuation of the interaction?


Creative Marketing Tech.

Innovations are critical to business success and have to be responsive to the respective industry. Mature, emerging and less developed markets require thus distinctive innovations. Innovations have to address consumer-, industry-, and regulatory-based challenges. Good companies create products. Great companies create identities and reaches out to all facets of retailing, e.g. craftsmanship, price, position in the vertical, local/global, brand expression, technology, value model and in everything: look through the eyes of the consumer. Is innovation secured in your organization; who’s your consumers advocate to drive your companies focus?



Wouter Schoneveld. Passion for customers, (new) concepts & technology, creativity, innovation and retail. Since early 2014 Industry Manager in the Retail team of Google Netherlands to help leading (online) retail & education companies realize winning (digital) marketing strategies and get the most from people, data, solutions and platforms.

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